About Society of Shop

Society of Shop is a free web service that lets you easily create money-making links to great products online, right from the site you're browsing — ready to share on your blog, in email, and across your social networks. If someone clicks the link and makes a purchase, you'll earn a commission.

Who should join Society of Shop?

Bloggers. Tastemakers. Fashion stylists. Tech gurus. Bargain hunters. Love-to-shoppers. Whether you're a professional stylist looking for new ways to monetize client interactions, a blogger looking to expand your business, or the go-to person in your group of friends for shopping advice, there's a place for you in Society of Shop.

How does it work?

Once you've joined Society of Shop, install our bookmarklet in your browser toolbar (instructions are here). Then, browse any of our member sites. When you land on a product you'd like to recommend on your blog, in email, or across your social network, just launch the bookmarklet to create or share a product link.

How do I "launch the bookmarklet"?

After installing the bookmarklet (instructions are here), click the button labeled Society of Shop in your browser toolbar. A successfully installed button looks similar to the area circled in red in the screenshot below:

Society of Shop bookmarklet button

When you click the button, the bookmarklet will launch; it looks like this:

Affiliate Marketing Tools from Society of Shop

It's really that easy to create links?

Yes! When you find a product on one of our merchants sites that you'd like to recommend, launch the bookmarklet. It will display a shortened URL that links back to the page you'd like to recommend. Copy that URL from the bookmarklet and paste it into email, your blog, or website. If someone clicks the link and makes a purchase, you'll earn a commission.

On which social networks can I post recommendations?

The Society of Shop bookmarklet lets you post recommendations to Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. On Facebook and Google+, you can post to the timelines of all your friends, a select few, or just one. On Facebook, you can also post to a brand page that you own. On Twitter, you can post to your feed or send a recommendation via private message. We completely obey the privacy settings you and your friends have set up.

What kind of products can I recommend?

Just to start: Men's, women's, and kids' clothing and shoes. Cosmetics and skincare. Cameras. Electronics. Travel. Home furnishings. Computer software. Kitchen supplies and food products. Toys. Cosmetics. For the complete list, check out our merchants here.

Is there an easy way to know whether a merchant is offering a deal or promo code?

Yes! If you see a link labeled "Available promos for this store" when you run the Society of Shop bookmarklet, you'll know that the merchant is offering a promo code or other incentive. Click the link to see the promos, and to copy them into your recommendations. Remember: Everyone loves a deal; including promos in your recommendation copy will make your links more compelling and clickable, and more likely to make you money.

On which websites will the bookmarklet run?

The bookmarklet lets you post recommendations from virtually any website; however, you will earn commission only on products sold on websites we have a relationship with. These websites are listed here. This list is always growing; we sign up new merchants every day.

Note that the bookmarklet will indicate if you recommend a product from a website we do not have a relationship with.

How do I earn money?

When you create a link using the Society of Shop bookmarklet, it is automatically encoded to include your unique identifier, along with Society of Shop information. This information lets us track purchases and allocate commissions correctly. If someone purchases the product you recommended, or any other product on the same site, as a result of clicking that link, you get a commission!

How much is my commission?

It varies from site to site; you can see the rate you'll earn for each site here.

In addition, when you run the bookmarklet on any of our merchant sites, you will be able to see the commission rate you'll earn on purchases.

How can I tell how my recommendations are performing?

We provide all our members with a completely transparent reporting interface. You'll be able to see, on a recommendation-by-recommendation basis, the number and dollar amount of sales you've earned. To view these reports, login to Society of Shop and click Recommendations in the main navigation.

How do I get started?

Sign Up Now. If you're already a member of Society of Shop, login here to download and install the bookmarklet and see how your recommendations are performing.